Official site of the Hryunomod

Complex mod for game for the game "World of Warplanes"
Version: v.4.0


Hryunomod v.4.0 (WoWP v.

To customize radar settings you have to edit the configuration file located in World_of_Warplanes\res_mods\hryunomod\hryunomod.cfg in section <radar>

The options are:


    <posx>390</posx>            <!-- Position of radar relatively left edge of screen -->
    <posy>770</posy>            <!-- Position of radar relatively top edge of screen -->
    <zoom_save>yes</zoom_save>  <!-- remember zoom -->
    <size>270</size>            <!-- radar size -->
    <rotate>yes</rotate>        <!-- radar image bound to the world -->
    <bigmap>no</bigmap>         <!-- radar image and big map identically -->
    <borders>yes</borders>      <!-- allows to remove the map edges from radar image. -->
    <altstate>no</borders>      <!-- only arrows. -->