Official site of the Hryunomod

Complex mod for game for the game "World of Warplanes"
Version: v.4.0


Hryunomod v.4.0 (WoWP v.

Hryunomod is simple, fast and secure pack mod for game World of Warplanes. All mods in Hryunomod preserve the original design of the game.

Hryunomod includes:

Installation: unzip to the game folder.

Removal: remove files in the folder res_mods<version of the game> in the game folder.

Warning! If you are updating a previous version of the mod in which you edited the configuration file hryunomod.cfg, you should save (move or rename) this file before installing a new version of Hryunomod. There are new options in new versions of the mod, this is why you shouldn't try to keep the old version of configuration file to save your settings, you should transfer them to the new file instead.

Hryunomod uses folder res_mods in the game folder. The configaration file hryunomod.cfg is in res_mods\hryunomod too.