Official site of the Hryunomod

Complex mod for game for the game "World of Warplanes"
Version: v.4.0


Hryunomod v.4.0 (WoWP v.

This mod is created especially for those who are not happy with the current reverse Attitude Indicator. It allows you to customise the battle interface attitude indicator in various ways. This could be done by edit the settings file \World_of_Warplanes\res_mods\hryunomod\hryunomod.cfg Settings for mouse by default.

This section describes all available Attitude Indicator options. Example for joystick:

Disabling will prevent the pitch indicator from tilting and it will move only up and down. The bank angle will be indicated only by the symbolic aircraft in the middle. The rest of the options are self-explanatory. You have to restart the game after editing the settings file.